3rd Tri-national Festival Butoh Off

01 - 19 November 2014

Basel Strasbourg and Freiburg open for the third time its doors and invite you to provide a broad insight into the varied expressions of Butoh and its representatives. In addition to performances and workshops, the program offers movies, music, exhibitions, debates, lectures.

Butoh is a contemporary performance art that stands at the crossroads between dance and theatre.  Its origins stem from 1960s post-war Japan. Butoh emerged from the rebellion against rigid forms of artistic expression and crosses borders, breaks taboos and embraces paradoxes. Despite international acknowledgement, butoh exists in the underground and is shown at relatively few events. The second bi-annual “BUTOH-OFF” festival addresses that by offering a platform focused wholly on butoh.

This year, the festival Butoh Off will start in Freiburg with a new creation. Besides an exhibiton by Nourit Masson Sékine, the Nuage Fou theater will open the festival with a Butoh performance for four dancers. “Never Done Nothing”. A choreography by Gyohei Zaitsu.

The motto of this year in Basel is Butoh Dance meets Sound Art. Musicians and dancers are represented equally, meet and resonate. This year ButohOff wants no pre-productions, but builds on the here and now. A meeting place for musicians, dancers and spectators, at the same time in the same space. And everything is possible.

In addition to excellent musicians and dancers, the festival would particularly like to draw the legendary overtone singer, Sainkho Namtchylak whose voice is connected to the spirit of Butoh and a source of inspiration for dancers, musiciens and everybody who has a sense for poetry.